Making Love

Amazing, amazing, such stars  gazing The gleam of light in your eyes  Breathing, breathing on my  face I shudder at your every touch. Dreaming, dreaming while  awake These images frozen now thaw Seeing, seeing your silhouette Savoring every lil moment. Touching, touching your softest  spots The anticipation has me indeed  Yearning, yearning for a little …

Love not worthy Sonnet

Rejected glances fell~ From table and from seat~ Across the floor they tell~ Lies daring when eyes meet~ Smiles rise up and fly~ Out windows to be free~ From truth bringing sigh~ Heard yet not to see~ Confusion lends its tender yearning~ To the lips of the decieved~ Thoughts abash ever turning~ Making sense of…

Shower Ode

Hard pressed~ Make clean the street filth ~ Cost of water rising through rain~ She sheds her scales~ One eye then two, An onlooker then be four~ Sounds of stream and myth~ Flowing/Breathing Scattered shoes and wine~ Steam uplifts like clouds~ Roses and jasmine lightly in air~ /Swirling Drain/ Wash, wash, wash it away~ Only…

Crying Heart 💔

​Her heart began to cry Tears welled up Inside her chest The air had left She began to drown In the wet salty pain ©2016 Andrea Travis Dedhedpoet™

More Words Please

Let your words be for me~ Caressing my skin like fingers~ Words gently kissing ever soft~ Dripping words you say to me~ Words whispering to my soul~ Your penetrating words~ Invading my suffering~ Let me see your words~ Written all over me~ Just for me~ Oh, more words please. ©2016 Dedhedpoet

Soft Garden

Suckling on the petals~ Ever soft in my garden~ Sweet aromatics fill~ Nectar dripping~ Afternoons blooms~ Softly collecting~ Only what I need~ Leaving your garden~ Damp with affection~ So she’ll stay wet~ At high noon sun. ©2016dedhedpoet

Halt my Heart

​I rolled down the windows~ To the sky~ Whipping winds~ Brought rain down~ To lash my cheeks~ To halt within~ My heart. ©2016 Dedhedpoet™


​Let’s commit the perfect crime, I’ll steal your heart and you’ll steal mine. The Internet

24 hours

25 seconds stolen away~ 24 hours and I just want~ 25 seconds again. 25 seconds can let me breathe~ For the rest of the night now~ I would have suffocated~ Waiting for you to take~ My breath away. Couldn’t be slow, I felt a rush~ But I want to take my time~ Make 25 seconds…

Walk Away

I don’t have your heart~ Never knowing your mind~ Feeling your gentle touch~ Speak those words so kind~ Always your hands I feel~ Fingertips tracing my spine~ Your delicate motions~ Moving more with me~ Having these emotions~ I begin to sigh~ Heightened to passion~ All truth upfront~ Your distant again~ I begin to surmise~ You…


I could fall like the rain~ Arid desert of your mouth~ The wet love misting down~ As full moon wanes~ Night sends out her cold~ All you hear the sound~ Of the coming rain~ Do you soak me in~ Or run and hide? I can fall on you like showers. ©2016Dedhedpoet™

On Your Mind

It’s in my head, that thought~ On your mind also~ That I know looking into~ Those dark eyes~ Seeing myself, wanting what~ Is on your agenda, circling above~ Those thoughts of me~ Flashes of pictures~ Consuming me, like smoke~ Oh, that heat inside~ Hidden below your expressions~ Using up all reserves~ That thought of me~…