My mind bound~ But the possibilities~ Have no limit~ Deep within~ Desires struggle~ Chained thoughts~ Writhe in discomfort~ Imaginations long~ To take mortal form~ All higher functions~ Locked away~ Only the primitive remain~ Pleasure & Pain ©2016 Dedhedpoet Advertisements

Death Don’t Come

Death don’t come a knocking I will not answer the door I wait for heavenly father To come and take them home Death don’t come knocking I will guard against all harm Jesus carry them to heaven In your loving arms ©2016 Dedhedpoet

Her Cross

She climbs up On her cross Confronted by His sins She carries his burdens and she is lifted up ©2016 Dedhedpoet


The heady scent of your disapproval engulfed me Your eyes said closed shop Regret 1Chances nil ©2016 Dedhedpoet


I‘ve known that I’m going insane for many years now But today I thought of painting my walls white Using a black pen writing very small all my poems, ideas, formulas, conspiracy theories, favorite words, absurd quotes, love letters, hate mail and of course, my manifesto to the government. ©2016 Dedhedpoet

No Witnesses

I vanished.. Yet you weren’t suspected I walked around still Void of being alive You killed my spirit And left no witnesses ©2016 Dedhedpoet

Divine Hands

A desolate tree reached out for me with divine hands Leaves like fingers motioning, closer ©2016 Dedhedpoet

My Sins

I heard you praying for my sins Your bitter words soaked in honey ©2016 Dedhedpoet