Deep Into Your Eyes

Looking deep into your eyes

I search to find myself

A glimmer of my soul

Reflected in your stare.

Can you see the stars

Shining in my gaze

Of love and all that’s real

The magic you leave there.

I wander no more

For the search concluded

Finding you within my heart

I never want to lose you.

Being a part of me

You’ve always been there

Beneath the surface so clear

For in my soul I hold you dear.

Sometimes my spoken words

Convey less than I want to say

Then I try to write

My heavy emotions seem light.

All that I have, a gift from you

Brought to life by love

So real and oh so true

Brings me joy in all you do.

I had a heart made of stone

A miracle you broke through

But all along now I know

Baby it has been you.

What a surprise I feel

Blessings I never deserved

To be able to give you my love

My angel from up above.





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    1. Thanks! A bit of a long post for me, lol

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Phoenix Risen says:

    Such beautiful ink!

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