Who Are We

We are narcissistic bacterium~ With self deprecating egos~ So large in our own worlds~ When actually we are small~ We ooze insecurities~ Hidden behind our facade~ Others know who we are~ But we don’t at all. ©2016Dedhedpoet

Crucified Emotions

Words dripping like afterbirth~ Dialogue of deception~ Nuances of wisdom~ Roll from your tongue~ Thwart my move~ Crucify my emotions~ ©2016 Andrea Travis

Crimson Lies

Opera from her lips~ Purify heard words~ Mahogany unseen rain~ Interrupting time between~ Her crimson dripping lies~ ©2016 Andrea Travis

Lack of Vision

Seeing the darkness within~ Scared & excited both~ Concepts below, beyond~ Lack of vision repulses~ ©2016 Andrea Travis

Ship named “Change”

The rolling waves~ Are coming now~ The ship named “Change“ Rides high~ Will I fly~ Stay grounded~ Or run now~ Must I move at all~    (Why can’t I just be still) Those rogue waves~ Will mow me down~ Sink or swim now~ Ride those waves out~ Can’t jump ship~ Too late for that~ Weather…

Summer Under Stars

We had our~ Summer under the stars~ Long hot days and~ Lazy afternoons~ Sultry evenings~ Turned into moon~ Melting nights during~ That summer under stars~ Remembering how you glistened~ With sun tossed hair~ Sweat rolling down~ Your coffee soaked skin~ How beautiful you were~ To me in those forgotten~ Mornings we shared~ The days of…


Blandishments you fashioned Only to impress Lies you spoke Over my head No comment intelligent Overused words Vernacular said Through my mind Radioactive bits spilled Of you on floor.

Love Locks

My heartbeat overflows with love~ Kinder sounds you cannot find~ But bolted within my soul~ Lack of courage locks~ My heart door shut~ ©2016


My words outlive~ Frail hands strife~ Body clinging plight~ Despise of fright~ Blue moons forgive~ Ceasing to entice~ Poets curse to live and write~ Die and drink angels delight.~ ©2016

Lɑմցհíղց WɑԵҽɾՏ

Lɑմցհíղց աɑԵҽɾՏ CɑɾҽՏՏíղց Տհҽ Տɑíժ Uղժҽɾ Ӏɑkҽ ցɑɾժҽղ Fօɾցíѵíղց հҽɾ ժҽɑժ © Aղժɾҽɑ Travis

Pҽղ & PɑԹҽɾ

Generative grammar has been adversely effected, in my opinion, by web/online communities. Grammar/punctuation checkers & auto-spell do not teach, they cheat. Acronym usage, text/internet slang was recently added to the dictionary. “Memes” have become cultural items analogous to genes being passed on. With this in mind, learn to write English unaided by a computer program…