On The Inside

I feel so disconnected

Yet I am connected all the time

After years of living

A very solitary life

It has just hit me

Somewhere in my heart

I shut out the world

On a face to face

Fear of intimacy

Being hurt before

I locked up my feelings

Giving little of myself

To anyone, anymore

Pushing others away

Never letting down my guard

Forming no bonds

But always needing a friend

I am not thriving

Without human interactions

I get close to people

Only through their words

The poems they write

Weren’t even for me

Those are my relationships

I feel a connection

It has always been enough

That magical feeling I get

When I read something

That feels like it was written

Just for me



4 Comments Add yours

  1. There’s both profound communion and a sense of near-desperate isolation in the life of a poet. You can call me if you need a friend. Seven O Eight, Nine Three Five, Seven Eight Two Three.

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    1. Thank you so much ☺ I do need a friend. I don’t do well talking as I do writing. I can give you my email and would like to correspond. Someone to talk to where I can be open and not worry about judgments would be freeing. I have been stuck in the same patterns for a long time. I thank God for his presence and forgiveness daily but then my prayers turn to help me with this or that, wants and needs. But He has always carried me through. But I would like another persons view and support. Bless you!
      Andrea Travis

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  2. I’ve read enough. You have yourself a new follower.

    Cheers! ^_^

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