Blossom Haiku

Suffused in rapture~ By the mornings heavy dew~ Tiny pompons bloom~ ©2016 Andrea Travis Dedhedpoet

Music Haiku

Time tickling backbeat~ Staccato notes warping air~ Jazz like loose feathers ©2016 Andrea Travis dedhedpoet

Elder Author

His glittering brain~ So full of the gems of age~ Hands withered from repetition ~ As eyes tarnish in bleary rooms~ He writes ever silent of a bygone youth. ©2016 Andrea Travis Dedhedpoet

Summertide Haiku

An errant breeze sings~ July honeysuckle tea~ Summertide essence~ ©2016 Andrea Travis Dedhedpoet

Summer Alone Haiku

Summers cool lake sees~ Gazing into the darkness~ Alone to find me~ ©2016 Andrea Travis dedhedpoet


​laughing out loud in the hallway of // Indifference // when one door closed the other never opened ©2016AndreaTravis Dedhedpoet


​He said he was broken inside and silently I said I was too. He said he had made a lot of mistakes, and silently I agreed. He said he didn’t do relationships well, and silently I acknowledged, me also.  He said, let’s go out sometime, and silently I walked away. ©dedhedpoet

Leave It Unsaid

Your blandishments twist___twist___twist contorting my form abash my mind wisp___wisp___wisp ©dedhedpoet

New Truth

The final goodbye~ To emotionless lies~ Repeated within~ Stepping through~ A new found door~ ©dedhedpoet

The House I Am

My foundation has cracks- My frame is bent- My walls are shaky- My ceiling is slant- My floors are creaky- My roof does leak- My front door open- And there isn’t a back. The grass overgrown- All flowers are dead- Sidewalk has faded- My gate is broken- All friends have left- I have become- A…

On The Inside

I feel so disconnected Yet I am connected all the time After years of living A very solitary life It has just hit me Somewhere in my heart I shut out the world On a face to face Fear of intimacy Being hurt before I locked up my feelings Giving little of myself To anyone,…

The Reflection

The mirror reveals Truth in plain sight. Looking back at myself Who am I now? Has it been instant, overnight Or did I change over time? The image I see Couldn’t be me. Is my reflection Just how I feel? Do others see The differences in me? I don’t recognize Myself anymore. Who have I…