Oh, you know what you do

Hours I could spend

Listening to your faint whispers

Arouse within me, my passions

The purity of soul you draw from my lips

Ever the tender extractions

Gently you pull my sighs

Kept hiding deep inside

Mine heart pounding and crashing

Like full moon tides rising

Caressing the sandy dunes

Your susurrations ignite pyres

The flames licking the roof of my mouth

Fulfilling my excitations

Fervor riding atop those glances you give

When delicate words meet

Eyes aflame with desire

The marriage of the two

Setting my body in the grasp of ecstasy

Oh! You know what you do

Pulling me into the passion of you

Just bury there with thy body

For it’s ever, me and you

Belonging in your story

The book scrawled for all present time

Our heaven inscribed across our hearts

Forevermore I belong to you.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful, Andrea. I love “Our heaven inscribed across our hearts”. What a beautiful phrase. Always a pleasure to read your poetry 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much, this nice comment made my morn!


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