Third night now-
No sleep-
To wrap its flannel arms around me-
Feeling its crepe-like fingers caressing my dreams.
These years of bedtime prayers-
O healing, answer me in this room-
Lit with strings of violet twinkling lights-
Every night I begin again-
Faith whispers, that with the rising sun, tomorrow will be different.
Maddening unrest-
Nights laden with insecurity.
My general discontentment-
This distorted sense of self-
Gnaws away at what could be-
A peaceful night of sleep.


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  1. I love this. I suffer from sleeping problems so I never take a good night’s rest for granted. I haven’t slept well most of this week which has me exhausted right now. Here’s to a good night’s sleep 😊

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  2. thoughtseeds says:

    This is so beautiful! Lovely way to describe a troubled night.

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