Days of Healing & Joy

Many adult children, for very understandable reasons, feel unworthy, guilty, and ashamed much of the time. We may feel a kind of gnawing at our self-esteem that makes it hard for us to see our own progress. We may be afraid to feel good.
It takes courage to look back down the road to see how far we have come toward daylight. But the rewards are great. When we give ourselves credit for all the progress, desire, and willingness to investigate the dark corners of our souls, we have good cause to celebrate who we are!
Facing up to and facing down the demons of guilt and low self-esteem require great courage. And when we can look not only backward but forward—our task is more courageous still.
It’s not where we came from, or even where we are, that tells the story. It’s where we are headed that gives rise to hope and the joyous shout, “I’m getting there! I’m doing just fine!”
Today, I will be grateful for the freedom I am capable of claiming and, in fact, am claiming every day I work my program.
This inspiration is from
Days of Healing, Days of Joy: Daily Meditations


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