My steps

My writing has evolved over the years. I find it hard to post new work. Just posting work a few years old. My new pieces are so more much revealing, to my current feelings and inner self. I feel scared in a way to let people inside my heart. What I have become, growth or regression. My scribblings exposed parts of me that I have not be able to show yet. But I shared and now my personal journey is out there for all to see. New goal: to write what’s current in my heart and soul. I know my growth journey will be evident and relatable to other poet/writers. All feedback will be constructive



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  1. jwtatfbc says:

    Introspection takes courage, but the best discoveries come from it. And isn’t it better to live without the walls you or society constructs, or a maze of lies you have to remember when hiding the real you? Good luck on your continued journey.

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  2. The Bioman says:

    Introspecton takes depth of character…not flightiness. Where are you, geographically speaking – you a yank, y’all?


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