Don’t Threaten Me

If you say your leaving,
I’ll never ask you to stay.
When you don’t bother calling,
You’ll never hear me complain.

If I catch you lying,
You’ll never be told.
Breaking one promise,
No more will be made.

I’ll never ask for your love,
I’d want it freely given.
I’m not asking for your time,
You seem to be so busy.

My love is not expensive,
But will cost you the truth.
Between us things are hard,
A mountain to be moved.

You were hurt before,
In your distant past.
Blaming it on me now,
Taking it out on me last.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. A beautiful poem. It is never fair to allow old scars to scar our present relationship. We end up hurting ourselves and the person we love.

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  2. ajaykohli says:

    Well said ,loyalty is most important in any relationship

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  3. The Bioman says:

    Hello again DHP – this is great Hope this finds you well, coolchick. Be good! B

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Bio One, Hope all is well in your realm too! 😁 A.T.

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