Don’t Let Love In

What was I thinking tonight?
I let my cold heart melt,
I let my emotions get the better of me.
Why did I let this happen?
I let somebody touch my heart.
I thought it was broke.
I thought it was dead.
It wasn’t dead, just hidden in my head…
Those sweet words said the other night,
I remembered them and they gave me a fright.
I swore off love long ago,
to practice death inside my soul.
Oh how it hurts, at any age,
to feel the pain of love again.
He picked up on every subtle expression,
he knew right away.
He called me out on my feelings,
And told me to back up, and take it slow.
No strings, no relationship, we agreed on that right from go.
Maybe I should run scared now,
for I am headed for the pit.
Disaster looms under every rock,
hidden deep within my soul.
God I swore to be bitter till the end.
Love is nipping at my heels and
I better kill it before it kills me, again…

©2016 dedhedpoet


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