Concrete eyelashes

I’ve been up writing all night. Many of my fellow poets are also. I love the work produced at these darkened hours. My favorite postings are the ones done in the night. Bearing our souls, our secrets, the hidden desires of our hearts. The honesty that these late hours bring out in us. So beautiful, deep and the truths are written so unashamed. I love your candor. I relate to your fears, passions, melancholy and love letters. These hopes and dreams I read here tonight inspired me to be unafraid of myself. Thank you poets, peers, like minded insomniacs. You shared with me, it felt so private like they were written just for me. What a gift! I hope I was able to strike a chord in somebody too. You all played the riffs in my soul symphony!

Andrea aka dedhedpoet


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  1. shimmy440 says:

    I can’t write poetry in daylight 🙂

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