Write Wrong

You came over, I gave in again ~
You called me honey, and I forgot my plan ~
Your kisses so sweet, Like we’re best friends ~
No lust on your mind, I couldn’t see the signs ~
When it feels so right, Its usually very wrong ~
Love and friendship, That’s why they write the songs ~ But when you hold me, So tight in your arms ~
Oh my dear friend, Make this write, wrong ~

How will this thing end, This forbidden love I feel ~
I do not see it ending well,
Neither for you, neither for me ~
Never fall in love, With someone who’s just a friend ~ The sex confused it all, Now my heart will have to mend ~
I can never tell you, Those three little words ~
You’d run so fast, I’d be left absurd ~
Count your lovers on one hand ~
Count your friends on two ~
But when you find, there one in the same ~
Then thank God, but pay the devil his due ~

©2016 dedhedpoet


2 Comments Add yours

  1. theequeens says:

    I love this❤️❤️


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