Last Meal


Here in the night, gone in the morning.
As the glow of the sun begins to shine upon 
your face,
You disappear without a trace
Leaving behind that sweet smell of your shirt
You bury me now, beneath your dirt...

Coffee rises and stirs me to move
That lingering odor of your perfume
The perfect morning combination
You and I. and our old friend doom
Want you to stay? Get out of my rooms....

Like picking a horse, and betting it all
They say,”He saw better days”, but his eyes 
tell more
Take that chance, we can lose together
As long as we finish
None can break that tether...

As long as you call, I’ll let you in
its like a sweet addiction, 
Like I have with this pen
I’ll scratch and scribble until your real
Or I’ll kill you off, having your last meal!

©2016 dedhedpoet

One Comment Add yours

  1. Great poem, and wow! I know this feeling so very well, going through this pain right now, and he left nearly five months ago. And I still torture myself by talking to him. Thanks for sharing this!

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