If only for a moment

What is FEAR? But weakness leaving the body, crap I say!
Fear is in the heart and soul of us all.
Living in the recesses of our minds,
Hiding, sneeky lil’ bastard!

Conquer your fears young one, and you shall be the master of your destiny.
What a truckload of bull!
Only love can defeat this enemy, and this world is in short supply.
But the demand grows greater day by day!!!

Grab ev’ry moment of happiness.
Cling to those bits of bliss,
For they are so few and far between.
Pain and suffering rule this world dear one…

Even for one moment of true love,
I would gladly trade in the years I have left.
For if you have walked through that door before..
You know, that you would give your life to feel its embrace once more,

If only for a moment……

©2016 dedhedpoet


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