Just an Hour


Just an hour would do,
One hour spent between me and you,
I could make that hour last, like a moment in time for two,
A lifetime for me, a lifetime for you!

Oh what I could do? If given a brief moment with you...
Each raindrop would drop like dew, never reaching its potential,
Just searching for me and you...
Oh be still and think, what I could do to you...

If we had an hour, just think of a thunderstorm,
The rain running down upon us, chasing thru ev’ry door,
Dampness and sweat running down my face,
once you catch me, I’ll give no more chase.

Pressing up against the flooded bricks,
Tasting your neck as I squeeze your wrists,
You bite my lip as the sun comes out,
Lets go inside and figure this ending out!

Copyright © 2016


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