Eccentric & Reclusive

I prefer reclusive to “unsocialable” and eccentric over “crazy”. But I have a feeling that I’m not that different to many other poet/writers. We are a different breed but in beautiful, creative ways. Our intelligence is usually misunderstood. Most cannot truly know or deeply connect with me, but that’s okay. I like that my emotions have been deemed a “passionate frost”. Mystical and perplexing sounds so much better than strange!
I had a breakthrough today. I left my home again, twice now in eight months. This year is going to be an epic adventure, if only in my soul. image


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  1. Lol. A-dunbilivit.. So being less “unsocialable” is kinda ur New Yr resolution right? then again we almost always don’t hold our resolves for that long.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I had to look “adonbilivit” up. It seems to fit, lol!


      1. it’s just a funny Nigerian way of writing… I don’t believe it.. *winks*


  2. janemwoodman says:

    I understand. I rely on my husband to take me out of my world and help me connect with others.


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