Here at home

So, I haven’t left my home in about six months. Which is probably normal for some of us writers. I did go out for a haircut and dinner on my birthday though!
I have been doing research, reading and writing but nothing substantial. I needed some time to climb around in my head. I have written a few poems but didn’t publish any. I have been working on a book idea and not getting very far. I write down titles and start  paragraphs but no organization. I pray for motivation daily but it’s more than that. I must structure my days efficiently. I know most writers would love having all day, everyday to work. Something has happened to me in this last year. I can’t quite get in the mood or groove of things. For now i am going to keep writing daily no matter what I write about. Just keep the pencil handy!


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  1. bonnyknits says:

    I too have lots of time at home when I could be writing, and I often feel like I’m “wasting” it because I haven’t achieved any tangible goals. Keep going–I hope you get your groove back soon!

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  2. Jibby says:

    I definitely go through phases where I feel like nothing I write down is any good. I’ll start off on a tangent but lose motivation to take it any further. I tend to go back and forth between artistic creation and writing; sometimes that helps me feel more inspired. Let yourself out of the house; go for a walk; perhaps you’ll find inspiration and motivation along the way. 🙂 Best wishes to you!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply and your well wishes. I appreciate it greatly! I really like your blog and admire your talent and courage. My name is Andrea, btw, thanks again for the encouragement! Keep the pen handy, A 🙂

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  3. grimspound says:

    I think all writers feel this way at times. It’s part of the job. Don’t give up! Thanks also for stopping by my blog and liking the Smudging post. All the best. Dianne

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