Terrifying Peace

Terrifying peace washes Closer to you at moments Of such scary felicity Decadent as a made-up kiss Imaginations with stunted limits Tiny happinesses frighten me To cessation, can I lose What I never had To afraid to let mirth go Flying and unfettered Best of me brought Fears fighting the love mine You might have…

Easy on the eyes

“Easy on the eyes” She hated trite, never wanted to be No man ever looked at her Seeing anything resembling Real. Entranced by her voice of whisper Hypnotic as it draws you in Although she purposely Rambled on incessantly A fool. As the porch light calls Moths just men Fluttering, swarming Close enough to singe…

the way your hair falls

the way your hair falls across your face soft tumbling down gently over playful smile hidden right behind lips with red chapstick gazing back at me from face ever smooth take away my breath those sighs given sweet whispers travel light floating on the air ©2016 Dedhedpoet™

Woman No Other

​I look for my other  my connected to be  welcoming nearness as spring  dig the trees, dead trees  sights and sound, bodies of water  forests alike, I swim in river azure be caressed by nakedness  on sand bars of carnal heat  I lie and float, weightlessly breast above, wake ripple soft waiting on a kind…

Fog of Folly

​despising the undecided desires of my mind confined feverishly facing that fearsome fog of folly I lie here longing for a life of leading lit lines swearing to someday satisfy the starving soul in me ©2016 Dedhedpoet™

Divine Muse

Devine you are, I list your flesh just for myself, face, hands, limbs that swell my being and make my heart grow. Mysticism in the nameable madness of Amor. Things I long to whisper, shy in this languish (the sea lit up moon and stars) I am possessed by all of you. The celestial touch…

Her beauty teaches meOn delicate and curious pathsRoads that I only knowWays that any man would give all he hadTo glimpse her beauty unfoldAs an origami swan is bornFrom such ordinary paperSteeped in an unfathomable minuteFolded yet never distortTransforming all unchanging as everThrough dedication and anticipationCreating before astonished eyesHer beauty teachesThe mind to seeThe swan within the paperThat lied dormant beforeMuse you have arrivedBeauty teach me of your waysShe flows like the swanOut of the seas of the page©2016 Dedhedpoet™


​Pleasurable or painful, joyfully sad In the twilight all we have are our Memories The loving remembrances that hold on to Life, keep us breathing  Endless wounds, haunting memories Like a cancer growing within Devouring our days on earth left Memories that sustain us Memories that eat our souls whole ©2016 Dedhedpoet™  Author Andrea Travis